An exhibition inspired by the beginning of everything
Seed Exploratorium
5 Senses Experiential Installation for All Ages

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 8, 5-8 pm
Show Dates: October 1 - 30, 2011
Stables Art Gallery
133 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, #D
Taos, NM 87571- 7019
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SEED 3 Artists

Matt Adams
Matt Adams studied art at the University of Colorado, apprenticed at Moravian Pottery and Tile Works and then went on to receive an MFA in ceramics from the Rhode Island School of Design. He has been living in Taos, making art and teaching clay at the University of New Mexico for the past 12 years. Recently, he has been creating large-scale organic outdoor sculptures plastered with adobe mud. These works explore the relationship and interconnection between patterns found in nature and patterns of design and intention created by man. His creativity is informed by microcosms, textures and forms from within the natural world.

Kate Cartwright
Kate Cartwright expresses herself in a variety of way, but her fine art is done on wood panels. Her process often mixes collage and wax with oil painting ( Kate moved to Taos in the spring of 2010 and has been accepted into several juried shows including this spring’s New Mexorado at the Harwood. Her work on cards celebrating the Divine Feminine can be seen at Garden & Soul and Wabi Sabi in Taos. She is a devoted gardener, astrologer and a photographer. She enjoys observing and exploring garden life, the changing seasons and special places and people she encounters in Taos. For the past year she has  incorporated her photos into a weekly essay about her life in Taos: Nine Lives – Kate in Taos (

Julia Ruth Claus

Julia Ruth Claus studied fine jewelry design at Philadelphia College of Art, and free- lanced in that medium for about 20 years including a few of her 25 years in Taos. After a long hiatus, and working in the healing arts as a massage therapist, she is back on the scene creating sculpture of various media, as well as jewelry with a new material known as Precious Metal Clay (PMC), which is powdered fine silver, gold, bronze and/or copper, mixed with a non-toxic binder, which is burned off in firing, resulting in a material that is .999% pure metal.

Claire Coté
Claire walks the tightrope of the artist, anthropologist, environmentalist and educator. In her artwork, she explores environments and the ecological relationships within them, through experimentation in mediums including drawing, painting, sound, book-making, collage, sculpture and photography. Claire has a BA in Art and Anthropology from the University of New Mexico and an MA in Art and Ecology from Dartington College of Art in Devon, England. She recently founded LEAP (Land, Experience and Art of Place), an experimental arts initiative and is honored to be a co-organizer/curator of SEED. Born and raised near Questa, Claire is happy to once again call Northern NM her home.

Carol Farmer
Carol Farmer studied photography at Southern Methodist University and with John Sexton, former protégé of Ansel Adams.  She has been pursuing photography in the Taos area for the past ten years and has shown at galleries in New Mexico and Texas.  In recent years she has concentrated on macro photography of plant forms including flowers and seeds.  Her work includes both digital images in limited-edition archival pigment prints and artist books featuring her photographic images.

Andrea Graham 

Andrea Graham, a feltmaker and educator residing in rural Ontario, Canada, is the Canadian coordinator for the International Feltmakers Association and on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Crafts Council as well as being the Queen’s University’s 2011 Artist-in Residence. Andrea has studied feltmaking with numerous respected feltmakers from many countries. She has participated in international felt exhibitions, the recent solo exhibition, “Adaptations”, as well as many juried and invitational shows, most recently being accepted by FiberArt International 2010 and the International, juried and touring felt exhibit, “The Climate is Changing”. Andrea’s work has received several awards and grants by local and provincial arts councils and has been featured in publications around the world, most recently including: European “Textile Forum” magazine, German felt magazine “Fun”, “1000 Artisan Textiles”, and 500 Felt Objects. Andrea looks forward to continuing her exploration of handmade felt in three dimensional form and installation work as a means to convey her concepts, send political messages and educate.

Jeremy Jones  (collaborating with Conrad Cooper)
Jeremy is a 5th Grade teacher who resides in Taos, New Mexico.  He dabbles in creative pursuits – sculpture, music, drama, and landscaping are a few.  He has been seen at local watering holes playing music with such artists as the “Collen Winters Blues Band”, Christine Autumn, “Zanagroove”, “Daniel Cordova y Esperanza”, and “Big Swing Theory”.  Professional writing is a new venture.  Ten years ago, when he began teaching, he wrote down a few notes that became the underlying philosophy guiding his teaching practice.  The story, “The Parable of Wind and Stone”, featured in this year’s Seed show, came from this process.  He is grateful to have the opportunity to debut this work in the Seed show, and is humbled to see his work alongside so many talented artists.

Conrad Cooper (collaborating with Jeremy Jones)

I remember my first ' Eureka!' artistic experience. I was about five years old and was cutting apart two pieces of lined paper sandwiched together using blunt nosed scissors. It was the kind of exercise in uninhibited abstract expressionism that all kids do automatically until some grownup tells them to stop making a mess. Suddenly, I found myself holding two identical silhouettes that, I swear, looked just like Bugs Bunny! Mom taped them into my baby book.  They're still in the family. It was the beginning of a road that, for better or worse, led to a BFA from Parsons and MFA from the New York Academy of Art. Taos is home.

Alex Kurtz 
I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in ceramics in 1996 and have spent most of the last 10 years making ceramic tiles for a living in Taos, NM.  Many of the places I  have spent time in while growing up  have come back to me in the form of images of plants, insects and critters I found or saw there and which I am compelled to try and capture in clay.  In the last few years my work has also been inspired by the botanical world of seeds and pods and the interaction of insects within it.

Stephanie Lerma   
Stephanie Lerma is a New Mexico native who returned home in the early 1990’s after living in New York for several years.  She attended school in Paris, France where she received her teaching certification in piano pedagogue from L’Ecole Normale de Musique and holds degrees from the University of New York at Albany. Lerma has been a papermaker for nearly twenty years - and paper remains a primary element in her work today.  Current work tends to gravitate toward labor intensive, often repetitive methods of making with thousands of individual hand pulled pieces contained in each work of art. With much of the work, the papers are watercolored and/or waxed before being sewn or fixed to surfaces. She describes her work as both meditation and obsession -  where paper is both canvas and paint – where the single unit morphs through accumulation into a unified mass of color, form, movement, and sensation.

Maria Hwang Levy
Maria Levy is a sculptor and graphic designer who specializes in designing books related to her favorite topics: art, fashion, food, children, and jewelry. Her organic, bio-morphic sculptures reflect a life-long love of the natural world and in particular of plants. Frequently rounded, branching or hollowed, her sculptures often suggest seeds and pods. "They are containers of genetic material and nutrients," Levy says. "They are a promise of life." Created from crocheted fibers, the sculptures also incorporate literal scraps of Levy's everyday life—letters, notes, pictures, a fragment of fabric—and both preserve and transmute them. "I weave my feelings, thoughts, and ideas into these pods," she says. "They are the 'seeds ' I spread into the world and hope they may spark positive thoughts in the people who see them." Levy's sculptures have been shown in both solo and group shows in Chicago, Miami, Texas, and Santa Fe, and her book designs have won multiple awards. The mother of three sons, she lives and sculpts in Santa Fe. (photos © Eric Swanson)

Linda Michel-Cassidy
I am a metalsmith and jeweler living in Arroyo Seco. I moved here several years ago from Northern California, after receiving my MFA in Sculpture from The California College of the Arts and teaching Metal Arts. I have a small studio in Arroyo Seco, which works, since I am small and I make mostly small things. I have worked here in Taos for the last three years as an Artist in the Schools with kindergarteners who have proven to be fabulous artists and significantly more fun than college students. When I am not whacking things with a hammer, I am writing or skiing.

Sybille Palmer
Originally I set out in life to be an art teacher, studying at the University of Cologne, Germany. When I revisited America, the land of my childhood, it felt like home. Thus I grew up to be an Interior Designer instead, graduating from UCLA and working in the diverse urban setting of Los Angeles for many years. Taos has yielded gifts of a different nature. I was able finally to design and build a home of our own. A friend introduced me to printmaking and I spent several semesters in the UNM print lab, delighted to find myself an art student once again. I share a studio with four other artists and have come to think of myself as a mixed media artist. I love working with found objects, natural and man-made. Nature is my muse; my work often reflects upon themes of environmental stewardship and ecological awareness.
Siena Sanderson  
Siena Sanderson was born and raised in south Florida where she was inspired by the beauty within her father’s garden. She was dispersed from there to Texas for under-graduated school, Oregon for graduate work, then to southern New Mexico and Massachusetts until she landed and planted herself in Arroyo Seco. She had worked for many years with the domestic violence program where she witnessed the worst kind of dispersal. She is currently teaching art in the Taos Charter School and Anansi Charter School and in the summers has been working to develop the Neighborhood Art Project, bringing art to children living in the neighborhoods in Taos. Politics are near and dear to her as she believes it’s all political and finds herself in a constant search of ways to create a nurturing world.

Mandy Stapleford
Mandy Stapleford’s sculpture explores an array of forms, colors and textures inspired by the natural world. She strives to illustrate seamless and powerful relationships between art, science, nature and ourselves. Her work is original and innovative yet it is entirely familiar. It is the inside on the outside; the psyche and essence exposed. Much of her art deconstructs long held distinctions between the modern human and an ancient earth. "Art should consistently be a part of our everyday existence; in the gallery, the yard, the bathroom or at the kitchen table. If not, what are we fighting for?" She is a graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, with a BFA in Ceramics. Mandy is a current and founding co-creator of the SEED art exhibitions. 

Katie Woodall
Living in Taos for 28 years, Woodall consistently finds new ways to assemble images and textures into intricate surface media.  Installations, altars, collaged surface, layered portraits: she has received awards for abstraction and mixed media. Showing locally since 1984, she currently exhibits at Envision Gallery. Woodall has a passion for educating and collaborating with youth in the arts.  Her experience in this field includes a background degree in integrated arts education, along with 15 years consecutive experience in Arts, English, Humanities.  She has coordinated various youth projects for all ages in both partnership grants and within organizations.  5757768963