15 Artists - 15 Mediums 
Opening Reception: Friday October 8, 5-8 pm
Show Dates: October 6 - 30, 2010
*5 Senses Experiential Exhibition for All Ages*
Stables Art Gallery 
133 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, #D
Taos, NM 87571- 7019
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SEED 2 Artists

Julia Ruth Claus
Julia Ruth Claus studied fine jewelry design at Philadelphia College of Art, and free- lanced in that medium for about 20 years including a few of her 25 years in Taos. After a long hiatus, and working in the healing arts as a massage therapist, she is back on the scene creating sculpture of various media, as well as jewelry with a new material known as Precious Metal Clay (PMC), which is powdered fine silver, gold, bronze and/or copper, mixed with a non-toxic binder, which is burned off in firing, resulting in a material that is .999% pure metal.

Julie Rose DeFeo
After graduating with a BA in Theatre Arts in 1983, Julie began her creative career in professional theatre in the Philadelphia area. In the 1990’s, Julie began studies in weaving, surface design, felting, beading techniques and glass bead making. Working with molten glass over a torch captured her interest and she focused primarily on torch work. After just 2 years, Julie became the staff glass instructor for TLD Design Center and Gallery in Chicago. Julie has shown her work in Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Columbus and more recently in Santa Fe and Taos.  She currently teaches glass bead making for the Taos Institute for Glass Arts in Taos and at her home studio Santa 

Brenda Euwer
Brenda Euwer grew up in Wichita, Kansas and after receiving her BFA from Pittsburg St. University, she traveled a lot before settling in New York City for a couple of years. Eventually, she landed in Taos, New Mexico. Brenda has been painting for over 25 years. Her work is evoked from unconscious territory allowing her to dive deep into the unknown and play with a sense of timelessness. Brenda's work has been exhibited throughout the country and for many years she was represented by the Fenix Gallery in Taos. The Harwood Museum of the University of New Mexico has several of Euwer's paintings in their permanent collection. Brenda can be contacted at
Alex Kurtz
I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in ceramics in 1996 and have spent most of the last 10 years making ceramic tiles for a living in Taos, NM.  Many of the places I  have spent time in while growing up  have come back to me in the form of images of plants, insects and critters I found or saw there and which I am compelled to try and capture in clay.  In the last few years my work has also been inspired by the botanical world of seeds and pods and the interaction of insects within it.


Claire Long Cote
In life, Claire walks the tightrope of the artist, anthropologist, environmentalist and educator. In her artwork, she explores environments and the ecological relationships within them, through experimentation in mediums including drawing, painting, sound, book-making, collage, sculpture and photography. Claire has a BA in Art and Anthropology from the University of New Mexico and an MA in Art and Ecology from Dartington College of Art in Devon, England. She recently founded LEAP, Land, Experience and Art of Place, an experimental arts initiative. Born and raised near Questa, Claire is happy to once again call Northern NM her home.
Linda Michel-Cassidy 
I am a metalsmith and jeweler living in Arroyo Seco. I moved here several years ago from Northern California, after receiving my MFA in Sculpture from The California College of the Arts and teaching Metal Arts. I have a small studio in Arroyo Seco, which works, since I am small and I make mostly small things. I have worked here in Taos for the last three years as an Artist in the Schools with kindergarteners who have proven to be fabulous artists and significantly more fun than college students. When I am not whacking things with a hammer, I am writing or skiing. 

Merce Mitchell     
Hello my name is Merce Mitchell. I have been a feltmaker for seventeen years, and handmade felt is my artistic medium.  I create two-dimensional pieces of inlay design, some work embellished and embroidered, and some cast as sculptural pieces.  What I love about feltmaking is its tendency to mutate and change form. There's an element of chaos that emphasizes process over result. My inspirations and translations revolve around chaos theory, higher mathematics and geometry, vortex energy, symbols that invoke women’s power and aspects, and life/death imagery.  There is always a story in my work, mixing the personal and symbolic.

Sybille Palmer    
A native of Cologne, Germany I was transplanted to America at the tender age of two. This awakened in me an appetite for trying on a variety of environments; remote Hawaiian homestead, Medieval Italian Hill-town, coastal Mega-Metropolis. Taos unites elements of all these diverse settings: the sheer beauty and power of the land, a sense of rootedness to place through ancient cultures and traditions, an intensely vibrant creative pulse. Living here feels like integrating the threads in the tapestry of my life.For the past 20 years, Interior Design has been my predominant creative expression.  A well designed space is a living, breathing work of art. When I began to study Print-Making, I became inspired to once again work in a variety of media.  Nature is my muse; my passion is to explore themes of environmental stewardship. (Photo taken at Arte de Descartes 2009, Quilt by Terrie Mangat, made from re-cycled textiles) 
--> Alisa Ritchie
Having a degree in Art & Design from California Polytechnic State University, it was a natural move to explore artistic life in Taos, NM. Seeing the historical and comtemporary jewelry of the southwest, rekindled my interest for jewelry fabrication. I have been suceesfully showing in galleries nationally for over 15 years and have received awards at shows. My most influential teacher and mentor is the internationally acclaimed jeweler Harold O'Connor. My inspirations are designs I see in nature and architecture, the beauty of simplicity and the joy of giving jewelry a life of it's own. I allow it, in part, to create itself. Textures that play with light and shadow are also an integral part of my designing. Creating beauty through art is where I'm happiest.

Siena Sanderson  
Siena Sanderson was born and raised in south Florida where she was inspired by the beauty within her father’s garden. She was dispersed from there to Texas for under-graduated school, Oregon for graduate work, then to southern New Mexico and Massachusetts until she landed and planted herself in Arroyo Seco. She had worked for many years with the domestic violence program where she witnessed the worst kind of dispersal. She is currently teaching art in the Taos Charter School and Anansi Charter School and in the summers has been working to develop the Neighborhood Art Project, bringing art to children living in the neighborhoods in Taos. Politics are near and dear to her as she believes it’s all political and finds herself in a constant search of ways to create a nurturing world.
Geraint Smith

When I first came to the American Southwest, it was difficult for me to comprehend its vastness. A place where the sky and horizon met below my feet and the stars formed a canopy so that the earth I slept on seemed like a cradle. Over the years that I've lived here, I have tried to place it in perspective in the context of my life in order to better understand my sphere of reality. I used to define my reality and my world by my limited experience, and in that way limited myself to the immense possibilities available to me. What I discovered, living in the Southwest with its wide open spaces, is just how much room there is in me to remember and rediscover the peace and center of my soul. I have learned that the beauty all around me is a reminder of the vast beauty inside me...much of which is still waiting to be explored....
Mandy Stapleford Mandy Stapleford’s artistic pursuits delve into our environment and our ideas about the  inner psyche. Her work in clay often explores the endless array of form, color and texture that our natural world presents to us. She understands and illustrates the many seemless relationships between art, science, nature and ourselves.  Stapleford is a graduate of the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, with a BFA in Ceramics. She is an award winning artist whose work has been exhibited in galleries from the East Coast to the West since 1987. She settled in Taos in 1998 and built her own straw-bale house and studio, where she currently lives and works. 
Mukta Webber After a successful career as a scientist and Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Colorado, National Institutes of Health, and Michigan State University, I have returned to my earlier passion for printmaking. I worked with a printmaker before beginning my professional academic career. I now explore Nature’s beauty in Northern New Mexico and the Southwest. I try to capture Nature’s simplicity as well as complexity; they inspire my art. I am dedicated to preserving bio-diversity on Earth. My media include etching on copper and solar plates, drypoint, polymer photogravure intaglio, and water color.
Katie Woodall
Living in Taos for 28 years, Woodall consistently finds new ways to assemble images and textures into intricate surface media.  Installations, altars, collaged surface, layered portraits: she has received awards for abstraction and mixed media. Showing locally since 1984, she currently exhibits at Envision Gallery. Woodall has a passion for educating and collaborating with youth in the arts.  Her experience in this field includes a background degree in integrated arts education, along with 15 years consecutive experience in Arts, English, Humanities.  She has coordinated various youth projects for all ages in both partnership grants and within organizations.  575-776-8963

Susan Vernon is our Science Curriculum Adviser. Thank you Susan!