So much about seeds is unknown.  Seeds are life-giving, unpredictable and provocative. These qualities provide seemingly boundless inspiration and a unique power to push SEED artists to work in new and exciting ways. The ongoing success of SEED relies on this creative edge.

SEED has produced four unique art and education exhibitions. What started as a traditional art show has become a rich and inspiring investigation into the generative power of seeds. Click on the images or titles below to to see SEED works, artist bios and statements from each exhibition.

October 6 - 29, 2012 Stables Gallery - Taos, New Mexico
SEED 4 featured 18 artists from New Mexico and Colorado working in a variety of mediums from clay to performance. Works were exhibited both inside and outside the gallery. The exhibition also included the SEED Exploration Room, which provided hands-on experiences with nutrition as well as the math and geography of food. The exhibition also featured SeedBroadcast, a solar-powered bread van turned seed story collection and broadcasting mobile. More....

SEEDS: Time Capsules of Wilderness

Nap & Enos Garcia Elementary School
Sept. 27 - 29, 2012
Stables Gallery - Taos, New Mexico 
Part of ISEA2012 Taos Day
All seeds have a wild lineage. In this exhibition Taos Younth explored the “wild side of seeds” through drawing, paper maché and sculpture. The resulting visual installation was a colorful treat and provided glimpses of this wild world through young imaginations. More...

October 1 - 30, 2011 Stables Gallery - Taos, New Mexico
SEED 3 featured 16 artists from New Mexico and a special guest artist from Canada, each interpreting seed themes in through different mediums including outdoor sculpture. The SEED Exploration Room highlighted global and local foods and eating traditions. SEED also organized trips for visiting students to Sol Feliz Farm and the TCEDC garden. The opening reception included a composition about the endangered plants of New Mexico, performance by students from Anansi Charter school led by Mister FelipeMore....

http://www.seedtaos.org/p/seed-2010.html SEED 2
October 6 - 30, 2010 Stables Gallery - Taos, New Mexico
Following the success and popularity of its first year, SEED 2 featured 15 New Mexico artists working in 15 diverse mediums, from large felt seeds and a giant replica seed mobile, to seed-carrying metal turtles. The SEED Exploration Room was also expanded to encompass the 5-senses to explore the internal structure of seeds, seed sounds, dispersal and plant cycles. Another innovation was the "touch-me table" for which artists provided a touchable sample of their work in the show, which was then raffled off at the end of the exhibition. More....

October 16 - 25, 2009 Stables Gallery - Taos, New Mexico
In its inaugural year, SEED featured nine artists investigating the subject of seeds, in nine different mediums. Inspired by the stunning macro-photography of the 'coffee table' book ‘Seeds, Time Capsules of Life’, the project quickly grew into an exploration of the importance of seeds, the environment and our place within it all. An important part of the evolving philosophy of the show was the creation of an interactive, educational display for children of all ages in the back room of the Stables Gallery. More....

Propelled by the metaphor of the seed, invited SEED artists use diverse mediums and conceptual approaches to explore new territory, engage with scientific research and push beyond their comfort zone to create new works for the public. SEED was initially inspired by a book collaboration by, artist and photographer, Rob Kesseler and seed morphologist for Kew Gardens, Wolfgang Stuppy. The beautiful book,Seeds: Time Capsules of Life, combines rich science narrative with stunning macro-photography of the seeds preserved at the Millennium Seed Bank at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens in London.

All participating artists are asked to begin with a working visual knowledge of this and other related seed resources and information. The Taos Library maintains a growing selection of seed-related books and holds a copy of Seeds: Time Capsules of Life, along with other books by the same artist/author in their reference section. Seed informational resource recommendations are always welcome. Please contact us with your suggestions!

SEED exhibitions are juried invitational shows. The four SEED curators are always on the look out for potential SEED artists to invite for future exhibitions. Both traditional gallery work, outdoor installations and interactive or community-based works are welcome. Contact us if you have artists recommendations or are interested in being invited to submit an artist proposal.