SEED is an arts and education project exploring and celebrating the miracle of the seed through an interdisciplinary arts/science approach.
SEED Mission: to encourage cross-pollination between the arts and sciences through fine art exhibitions and creative dissemination methods in combination with multi-sensory exploration and education to celebrate the miracle of seeds in new ways and further this mission each year. Visitors to SEED exhibitions and educational forays are invited to look through the lens of the seed to explore connections between art and science and their personal relationship to the natural world.


In 2009, artists Siena Sanderson and Mandy Stapleford were moved to produce a unique art and education exhibition inspired by the marriage of art and science and exquisite macro-photography of the book Seeds, Time Capsules of Life by Rob Kessler and Wolfgang Stuppy. What started as a traditional theme-based art show became an investigation into the generative power of seeds. With an endless supply of inspiration in the topic of seeds and exceptional support and enthusiasm from SEED visitors of all ages, the project continues to grow and change. The 'SEED Exhibition and Exploration Room' has hosted hundreds of curious students and visitors of all ages and this site continues to host a plethora of daily visitors (over 35,000 hits as of February 2014).

SEED has grown into a creative and interdisciplinary, arts and education project focused on the miracle of the seed and the global importance of healthy seed diversity. This project is fiscally hosted by Localogy, a local Taos not for profit organization. In its current incarnation, SEED manifests exhibitions locally in Taos County, New Mexico and online showcasing artwork from local, state, regional, national and international artists  as well as offering innovative hands-on seed curriculum to local schools.

Collaboration plays an increasingly important role in the project. The SEED Team hopes not only to continue SEED events and educational activities, but also to inspire and foster the germination of similar projects in other locations. What's your SEED idea?

Siena Sanderson was born and raised in south Florida where she was inspired by the beauty within her father’s garden. She was dispersed from there to Texas for under-graduated school, Oregon for graduate work, then to southern New Mexico and Massachusetts until she landed and planted herself in Arroyo Seco. She had worked for many years with the domestic violence program where she witnessed the worst kind of dispersal. She is currently teaching art in the Taos Charter School and Anansi Charter School and in the summers has been working to develop the Neighborhood Art Project, bringing art to children living in the neighborhoods in Taos. Politics are near and dear to her as she believes it’s all political and finds herself in a constant search of ways to create a nurturing world. spoon[at]kitcarson.net

Mandy Stapleford's sculpture explores an array of forms, colors and textures inspired by the natural world. She strives to illustrate seamless and powerful relationships between art, science, nature and ourselves. Her work is original and innovative yet it is entirely familiar. It is the inside on the outside; the psyche and essence exposed. Much of her art deconstructs long held distinctions between the modern human and an ancient earth. "Art should consistently be a part of our everyday existence; in the gallery, the yard, the bathroom or at the kitchen table. If not, what are we fighting for?" She is a graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, with a BFA in Ceramics. www.mandystapleford.com

Katie Woodall - Living in Taos for 28 years, Woodall consistently finds new ways to assemble images and textures into intricate surface media.  Installations, altars, collaged surface, layered portraits: she has received awards for abstraction and mixed media. Showing locally since 1984, she currently exhibits at Envision Gallery. Woodall has a passion for educating and collaborating with youth in the arts.  Her experience in this field includes a background degree in integrated arts education, along with 15 years consecutive experience in Arts, English, Humanities.  She has coordinated various youth projects for all ages in both partnership grants and within organizations. woodall.katie[at]gmail.com

Claire Coté walks the tightrope of the artist, environmentalist, educator and mother. In her artwork, she explores ecological relationships through experimentation in mediums including drawing, painting, sound, book-making, collage, sculpture and photography. Claire has a BA in Art and Anthropology from the University of New Mexico and an MA in Art and Ecology from Dartington College of Art in Devon, England. She founded LEAP (Land, Experience and Art of Place) an experimental arts initiative and is honored to be a co-organizer/curator of SEED. Born and raised near Questa, Claire now lives off-grid with her husband and daughter in Sunshine Valley. www.clairecote.com

SEED - the movie! SEED, 2009 10 minute documentary
filmed and editedby Mandy Stapleford and Jeremy Jones

SEED presentation at Pecha Kucha Taos 2, January 2011
filmed by Jeremy Jones