Friday, May 20, 2016

SEED Taos Exhibition Goes To Boulder

We are thrilled to announce that SEED is going to Boulder, thanks to Taos/Denver artist, Lee Lee, who is guest curating the show at the Dairy Arts Center. Check it out!

The Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado presents
SEED: Disperse ­­ an arts and education project

exploring and celebrating the miracle of the seed
BOULDER – The exhibition at the Dairy Arts Center, titled SEED: Disperse, will be an exploration of the duality of seeds in our world today. Half of the gallery will explore the fragmentation of cultivation of seeds, the impacts of monoculture production, loss of seed biodiversity, and forced migration that grows from current trends in industrialized agriculture.
The other half of the installation will invite viewers to be embraced by the potential expressed by seeds. A dense, salon style installation will let the viewer feel ‘planted’ within rich artistic interpretations of the nature of seeds. Guest curated by Lee Lee, of Taos and Denver, the artwork on display at the Dairy will be a blend of artists who have participated in the original SEED Taos exhibitions and regional artists who have explored seeds through a wide range of media.
The mission of SEED is to encourage cross-­pollination between the arts and sciences through fine art exhibitions and creative dissemination methods in combination with multi­sensory sensorium and education to celebrate the miracle of seeds. Visitors to the SEED exhibition at the Dairy Arts Center are invited to look through the lens of the seed to explore connections between art and science and their personal relationship to the natural world.
Artists featured in this exhibition include: Peter Chinni, Rian Kerrane, Evan Anderman, Linda Michel­Cassidy, Stephanie Lerma, Siena Sanderson, Claire Cote, Katie Woodall, Mandy Stapleford, Viviane Le Courtois, Linda Melvin Graham, Laura Phelps Rogers, Greg Cradick, Stephanie Hilvitz, Annette Coleman, Susanna Mitchell, Julia Ruth Claus, Sybille Palmer, Merce Mitchell, Gretchen Ewert, and TJ Mabrey.
The exhibition is on view in the McMahon Gallery at the Dairy June 3 through July 4. An Exhibition Reception is scheduled for Friday, June 17 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Admission is Free and open to the public.

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