Friday, January 24, 2014

Update: SEED in 2014

Thanks to the extraordinary creativity of SEED artists, enthusiasm from the Taos community and wonderful support from our funders, the past four SEED Exhibitions and accompanying Exploratoriums have been immensely successful. We now have a wonderful foundation of experience to draw from as we continue our pursuit of the SEED mission in 2014!

We’ve just finished our fifth year (wow!) which was a year of transition for the SEED team, each of us busy with our own metaphorical “Life Seeds” - a new baby, a new product line, new jobs etc. As many of you probably noticed, we chose not to do an exhibition at the Stables Gallery last fall, which was a difficult, but necessary choice for us. Now we are looking towards SEED’s sixth year stretched out before us and feel that it is time to shift gears.

This coming year we will be processing and collating the extensive archive of SEED documentation that we have accumulated over the past five years into a book, short video and updated online exhibition and resource space. We will also be rethinking and redesigning the SEED education curriculum into a new “mobile” version to serve students throughout Taos County and beyond and who knows what else we'll find ourselves doing…. definitely planting and harvesting in our own gardens (and we hope you will be too!).

For those of you interested in being considered for future SEED exhibition opportunities, please email us and we will keep your information on file. If you are a teacher, student or parent interested in having SEED’s new mobile Art and Science curriculum offered at your school, please contact us. If you would like to contribute to the SEED education efforts, please visit our Donation Page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Check back here on the SEED site. We will be posting our progress on our projects, new seed resources as well as a more complete online representation of the four past SEED exhibitions. The future of SEED is bright, diverse and exciting and we look forward to sharing it with you! (Please consider signing up for our SEED Newsletter and we'll keep you abreast of what we're up to that way as well!)

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